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SpeedWeek 2013 Bookings Are Open

14 to 23 September 2013

So that time has arrived again. Bookings are open for the next installment of your legal adrenaline fix.

The Track And Other Dents

We know that the track did not perform as well as we had hoped, but rest assured we have learnt from the past and have a much better plan for this year. Track preparations will start 10 weeks in advance (dependant on how soon the pan dries after the winter rains). Twice a week all the tracks will be sprayed with a bonding agent and rolled with a 24 ton roller. We are very confident that by the time the event kicks off, we will have hard 'n smooth surfaces for the best possible experience. There will also be separate tracks for cars and motorcycles.

Bookings And Pedigrees

We have added a few more items to the booking form as we need to do things a little different this year. For starters [punn intended] we need to know how many vehicles you are bringing. This includes racing, towing and spectating vehicles. Last year we did not have proper lists till the day people arrived and it made track organization a little off balance.

We also need all your peeps names up front [friends, family and hitchikers]. If you are bringing kids, we need to know as well. Thats cause we have decided to make this a family friendly event. We know that perfume and petrol don't always mix, so we want to try organize something special for the ladies to bolster the diplomatic channels. As for the young guns, if they are not out learning to drift with dad [or momster], then they can enjoy some of the other age restricted activities. A neccessary precaution so GranDad doesn't pull a wreck-it-ralph stunt on Junior's Zooka again.

Maximum Load Capacities

Due to the remoteness of the location, our current facilities and catering can only accomodate a maximum of 200 people per day at this stage. Based on the number of new enquiries we are certain that  bookings will hit valve bounce fairly quickly. In the event of overbooking for a specific day, preference will be given to club members who attended SpeedWeek 2012. The hangovers will be put on a waiting list and if an accepted booking is not paid on time, the slot will be given to the next on the waiting list. We regret that we cannot at this stage cater for more per day, but rest assured that we will increase as funds allow and open up more slots.

Also, please don't wait to the last minute to book. We expect the second [long] weekend to be prime time and will be filled up quickly.

So sign up, gear up and count the sleeps till the next epic adventure that is Kalahari Desert SpeedWeek.