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About Speedweek SA

We are addicted to speed.Period. This is an event for petrolheads, by petrolheads. But lets face it, having 500bhp under the hood or a collector's classic car or bike in your garage means nothing if you cannot safely showcase it to the world. It needs to be out there, on a stretch of road that disappears into forever with a bright blue horizon that seems to never get any closer. A very risky manoeuvre if you are doing it on a public road and very expensive if you do it on a track. This is where we can help.

We created the Kalahari Desert SpeedWeek Club with speed in mind. This is the first annual event to cater for top end runs over long distances, with a gymkhana track to vary the experience. Our very first annual gathering was at Hakskeenpan in September 2012. A place where nothing will stop you from pushing your 2wheel/4wheel beast (or classic collectors vehicle/rocket armchair) to lightspeed and beyond. No sharp turns, no hard braking, just constant acceleration to feed that inner junkie with large amounts of adrenaline.

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