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What To Expect

  • Hakskeenpan is a vast flat area spanning more than 600 km², with virtually nothing on it. For the SpeedWeek event everything has to be trucked in.
  • Kalahari Desert SpeedWeek Club will provide the following:
    • Village situated between the camping area and the track.
    • Consisting of one big marquee tent (± 50 x 15 m) accommodating tables and chairs, catering for breakfast and dinner. This area will also be utilised for events and prize giving on Saturday night.
    • Refreshments tent and facility.
    • Food stalls.
    • Purified Hakskeenpan spring water point.
  • Camping Area: Prepared for tents, camping, caravans, mobile homes, etc. will be on 30 Ha of the pan with certain areas dedicated to various clubs. There you will also find the ablution facilities.
  • High speed 7 km track/s with the speed timing point at the 5 km mark.
    • At the 5 km timing point, behind safety barriers, there will be a timekeeper's tent and a small spectator's area, at a safe distance from the track.
    • Pit area at the beginning of the high speed track some 200 meters away. Vehicles ready to race will be lining up towards the starting point of the track.
    • A ¼ mile Track and the Gymkhana track.
  • Medical Tent - Manned by medical personnel.
  • Press Center: Shared by journalists from TV, printed- and the electronic media.

Warning - Motorsport is dangerous. In view of the high speeds attained by competitors, accidents may or can happen. The promoters and organises of the Kalahari Desert Speedweek event cannot guarantee your safety. You attend at your own risk