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Accomodation Update: Hakskeenpan Remodel


We have catered for 2 uniquely South African traits : Big and tall. Think of it as the Hilux bakkie syndrome.On the flip side, I could never figure out why Nissan 1400 bakkies sold so well here. I never could fit in one cause it was like trying to squeeze a marshmallow into a slot machine.

The tents are 2.2m high so you will be able to comfortably stand up in it. The stretchers are also extra long and extra wide [which I tested myself to make sure I would sleep well :-) ]. You probably also noticed the first pic is photoshopped [badly]: the pan is real and the tent is real, but the two images have been merged to give you some idea of what it will be like. We could not get a tent and gear to the pan in time for a photo. You will also be happy to know, the tents will be within crawling distance of the marquee and beer, while the toilets will be within running distance.

Just a reminder : bring your own bedding and pillows. We can unfortunately not provide that with the regular tents, and there is no electricity supply to the campsite, but we have power at the marquee.


The question most asked by the ladies cause we know they like it lekka: how are the ablution facilties? We are sparing no expense to ensure their comfort. Fully serviced showers, toilets and basins with electricity, hot water and lekkaspray. In fact, we are installing 4 ablution blocks : 2 for the ladies and 2 for the men. No going [to the] bos, 'mkay manne? We have regulations to comply with.

Thanks to the 16km water pipline and 2 x 40 000L tanks, there will be more than enough hot and cold water as well. Hot is for the ladies though. If any of you 'manne' need hot water, come sign for a bucket at reception and ask the missus to fill it up.

Just kidding. We are all about gender equality. How many more times do we have to tell you that we do not discriminate, even if it means you lost a few man points for needing hot water. 

Are you happy, bokkie?


There will also be paid for laundry services so need to worry about that extra pair of rods you used up yesterday. We will be releasing a [modestly] priced list for that shortly.